December 24, 2020

High School Students: Don’t Let Your Parents Dictate Your Future

For those of you who know me personally, you know I previously worked at the Office of Admissions at the University of Minnesota. I had the pleasure of talking to prospective students about college admissions and answering any questions they had regarding university life.

I worked in this position for over two years, and if there’s one thing I observed from my experience: Kids are far more likely to listen to their parents than follow their own passion.

I, at first, was a victim of this, too.

Many parents may not do this intentionally, but with subtle remarks about people failing at their dreams in NYC or how people pursuing creative passions should find a ‘real job.’ Unsurprisingly, most times it was a teenager interested in a liberal arts major such as journalism, art history, or music, but instead, they chose a more ‘noble’ pursuit such as engineering or nursing.

And each time I told these kids the same thing – you’ll never know unless you try. I shared my experience transferring from science into journalism and wishing I had started there initially. Deep down, I knew it was what I really loved, so why did I settle for anything less.

For any teens who may have stumbled across this page, you deserve to follow your dreams. While your parent’s approval makes the decision easier, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

You owe it to yourself to at least give it a shot.

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