February 16, 2021

When I Think About My Greatest Passion, I Think of Writing

When I started blogging again, I assured myself I wouldn’t make it a ‘chore.’ Too often, I feel pressured to create rather than being inspired to do so. And soon enough, the passion begins to fade.

But then something happened. I recently hired a copywriter to update my business website. She sent a thorough questionnaire for me to fill out about my business and myself. Eventually, I reached a prompt that required me to share my greatest personal and/or professional accomplishments.

And the first thing I thought of was writing.

My freshman year of college, I made the decision to pursue a career I fully loved. Previously, I was on track to graduate with a degree in neuroscience along a pre-med route. And while I had exceeded expectations in college-level science classes during high school, I wasn’t passionate enough about it during college to thrive. Yes, I passed my classes. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about my final grade for Physics 1.

After making the decision to switch into Strategic Communications, I felt a disconnect with my parents. Previously, they had been so eager to tell the world about my professional goals in science. Once I made this switch, it felt as if they tried to avoid the conversation all together.

During the second semester of my freshman year, I started an internship with The Odyssey Online – a college publication similar to Buzzfeed. At first, I was hesitant to share my writing pieces with anyone. Who was I to think I was worthy of writing anything anyway?

Then, something amazing ensued. For the first time since making the decision to change career paths, I felt my parents were proud. My mom would share articles with her friends on Facebook, and my dad would print his favorites and bring them to share with his coworkers.

I wrote about graduating high school, sexual assaults, breakups, losing my grandparents. I recognized a talent to make people feel, simply by piecing together 26 letters of an alphabet. I shared things on the screen I’d never be comfortable saying directly.

All of this to say: Articles shared here aren’t always going to be the educational posts on how I started as a 22-year-old entrepreneur with monetizing affiliate links. I want to share things that are real and raw.

Writing is a form of art I fell in love with at a very young age, and art isn’t meant to please everybody. It’s a method of expressing oneself.

If I’m inspired to write, I’m going to. I won’t post on a schedule because that’s not how authentic creation works. Bear with me through this. Because letting go of this perfection and expectations isn’t easy for me. But I’m thankful this you’re reading along with me.

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