Below are pieces of work created through class assignments, internships, and projects. This information is intended to be used to showcase my creative and professional development in the industry. If you have any questions about my work, please send an email to LSalonek@gmail.com.


Devour Media Plan – Link to Presentation
Constructed in-depth media plan created for a media planning class on the Devour brand. Set budget of $35 million. Includes target audience recommendation with audience attributes, suggestions for advertising mediums.
Ford Self-Driving Cars Advertising Recommendation – Link to presentation
Advertising campaign recommendation for self-driving cars. Included choosing target audience for self-driving cars and creating a message appeal to encourage customers to purchase Ford’s self-driving cars.
Caribou Coffee Advertising Campaign Proposal – Link to Presentation
Advertising campaign proposal for chosen client of Caribou Coffee, a premium coffeehouse based in Minnesota. Promotional strategies, SWOT analysis, positioning statement, target demographics/psychographics, etc.

PR Written Documents

*All written documents were created for a Professional Writing in Strategic Communications course. Therefore, some details may be hypothetical.

Creative Writing

The Odyssey Online – “The Final Lessons My Grandparents Taught Me”

The Odyssey Online – “‘Me Too’ is Bigger Than a Hashtag”

The Odyssey Online – “To the Teenager Excited to Escape Your Small Town”